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ESRI Programming

ESRI Programming

You may be familiar with Bing Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps. ESRI is an industrial strength mapping tool that has been around since 1969 long before Google existed.

While WSI provides database integration with many map platforms, we have a strong ESRI practice. This includes development of a large, complex agricultural data tracking system for an Iowa based start-up company.

It is likely that ESRI products are used by your local community for city planning purposes. ESRI has a desktop version mapping program which is analogous to AutoCAD for drafting or Photoshop for image editing. WSI does not work with this product. WSI focus on programming ESRI�s ArcGIS for Server system.

ArcGIS for Server allows WSI to create or integrate specialized mapping functions into your website or web application. A custom ArcGIS application from WSI allows visitors to your website to perform complex functions that previously were only possible in ArcGIS for Desktop right in their web browser. This eliminates the need to purchase ArcGIS for Desktop, but you will need to license ArcGIS for Server from ESRI.

WSI is able to integrate just about any dataset that includes location with a map. This can be an extremely powerful tool. Whether you have started building an ArcGIS Server application or need one built from the ground up, Winning Solutions, Inc. can work with you to make it happen.

If you have a finished ArcGIS Server application and are looking for hosting and support, WSI offers this service as well. WSI will host and maintain/enhance your existing ArcGIS Server system at an affordable price.

Let us put our many years of ArcGIS Server programming on the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server platforms to work for you today.

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