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Get the Quoting Process You Always Wanted

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) has quoted thousands of applications, web-sites and various other systems during its 15 years of existence.  This has allowed WSI to develop a fairly standard process we use when delivering a quote to you.  A typical quoting process will go as follows:

After making contact with you, we set out to discover exactly what it is that you want developed.  This may include phone discussions, face-to-face discussions, email discussions or chat discussions to determine your needs and the timeline under which you are working.  Every WSI customer is assigned an Account Representative who will help you throughout the quoting process and also ensure you are being well taken care of after you accept a quote. If you are unsure of how your process works, we can do a detailed process mapping of your current processes.

After determining your needs, we prepare a no-cost quote with a bottom line price of what your project is going to cost.  If you prefer, we do also work on a per hour basis and in this case will give you an estimate of how many hours we think the work will take.

After you review the quote, we then address any questions or concerns you have about the quote.  If necessary, a revised quote is prepared and delivered to you.

After you accept the quote, we then begin the process of delivering your application for you.  Depending on the size and scope of your application, this may and often does require additional input from you as we develop your application.  Every WSI customer is assigned a Senior Project Manager who will be your main contact during development of the project.  If you have additional work you need quoted, be sure and contact your Account Representative.

Common Quoting Process Questions

We wish to have a project quoted, but we don't want to get stuck with any kind of bill if we decide not to use your services?

At WSI every quote we prepare is without cost.  If for some reason there will be a cost associated with researching your quote, you will be notified prior to us doing anything to make sure you wish for us to continue.  Contact us today for a free estimate to begin to see how WSI can help you.

We have a very complex project that needs quoted - will we be charged for that?

Again, all quotes at WSI are prepared free of charge, regardless of the size or complexity. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin to see how quickly WSI can help you.

We like what we see and want to begin a relationship with WSI, however, we're located hundreds of miles away from your office - will this work?

WSI has had numerous relationships with clients that were not located in either our Ames Iowa or Ft. Myers Florida locations. Depending on the scope of the application, face to face meetings are not necessary to develop a custom application remotely. Our attention to detail and customer service has helped us deliver many systems without ever having a face to face discussion with the client. Contact us today for a free estimate to begin your relationship with us.

About Us

WSI is a small business and a leading provider of custom SQL Server/Azure programming and database solutions for government entities, Fortune 1000 companies, and emerging businesses. We are your custom SQL Server/Azure development experts.